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INSIDE (Insights on Immigration and Development) provides a stimulating intellectual environment to produce, present and discuss research on immigration. A joint initiative of IAE-CSIC (Institute for Economic Analysis, Spanish National Research Council) and MOVE (Markets, Organizations and Votes in Economics), it aims at mobilizing and coordinating scientific research on the causes and consequences of migrations and development, bringing together social scientists that belong to different institutions and disciplines.

INSIDE offers:

  1. Means to coordinate the research efforts and to disseminate high-quality research findings on the causes and consequences of international migrations and development;
  2. Research exposure through our national and international meetings that facilitate a productive debate, as well as through our working-paper series, the INSIDE Papers;
  3. Seminars hosted by the IAE-CSIC and MOVE, where world experts on immigration present their latest work and spend quality time with researchers;
  4. A network for cooperation between academic researchers and policymakers;
  5. Advanced training on the economic and social processes related to immigration and economic development;
  6. A concise up-to-date graphical overview of the trends in immigration in Spain, under our section “Spanish immigration in figures”.

INSIDE promotes interdisciplinary research and is committed to scientific excellence. Our interests include macro and microeconomic research, theoretical and empirical, as well as empirical research from other social-science disciplines, particularly sociology and political science.

The list of topics explored by this group can be found here.

For further information, you can visit INSIDE own webpage.

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