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It is widely accepted that innovation and its diffusion have a prominent role in economic growth. Therefore, it is crucial for most countries to find efficient ways to promote, organize and manage innovation and technology transfers. The aim of members of MOVE is to contribute to this area of research by performing high quality applied and theoretical research in areas related to Research and Development, Economics of Science, Economics of Innovation, Technology Transfer, Patents, Innovation in Health Care, Pharmaceutical products, or Venture Capital contracts.

Some of the lines of research that are currently being pursued are:

  1. The design of optimal organizations and contracts to provide the best incentives to invest in research.
  2. The design of optimal contracts to transfer university technology so that all participants (researchers, universities, venture capitalists or firms) have the right incentives to do research, to transfer the resulting technologies into applied innovations, and to develop them further.
  3. The analysis of patent and intellectual property right systems as drivers, but also as possible bottlenecks, of innovation.
  4. The search for the optimal market regulations in order for society to fully benefit from new technologies and products without compromising research incentives.
  5. The study of the optimal governance of large scientific facilities to promote international cooperation and the optimal allocation of the available time.
  6. The analysis of how increasing global integration affects the adoption path of new technologies.
  7. Innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry and its impact on the Pharmaceutical market.
  8. Innovation in the Healthcare sector and the design of optimal contracts for Healthcare organizations.
  9. The structure of the Healthcare sector. Competition and regulation.

The research team is committed to the dissemination of results not only through the usual academic outlets but also through alternative channels, including specialized reports, articles in newspapers and blogs, etc. Members of this research area are in charge of the recently created Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation (MESI), offered by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, a meeting point for faculty and students with different science and social science backgrounds.
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