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Miralles, Antonio

E-mail: antonio.miralles(at)
Telephone: 93 586 83 86

Miralles, Antonio

Research Fellow

Research Groups


Boston University, 2009

Research Interests:

Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Economic Policy

Short Bio:

Antonio Miralles' research interests are in Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Economic Policy. I do research on auctions and collusion, on mechanisms to allocate goods without monetary transfers and on the efficient assignment of children to public schools. I also have an interest in Political Economy, with research work done on privatization and the regulation of local services.
I hold a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University. The title of my Ph.D. Dissertation is “Mechanism Design without Transfers”. My advisors are Professors Barton Lipman, Andrew F. Newman and Zvika Neeman. Other degrees I have are: Ph.D. in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (2006, main advisor: Professor Germà Bel), M.Sc. in Economics with Distinction at University College London (2002, supervisor: Professor Tilman Börgers), and B.A. in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (1999).
I have articles accepted by the Journal of Economic Theory, Economic Theory, Mathematical Social Sciences, Revista de Economía Aplicada, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy (two, one of them jointly with Germà Bel) and Urban Studies (jointly with Germà Bel).
I was recently awarded with a Ramon y Cajal grant by the Spanisch Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Selected Publications:

  • "Cardinal Bayesian allocation mechanisms without transfers", Journal of Economic Theory 147 (2012), 179-206.
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