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Workshop on Judgement Aggregation

MOVE – Urrutia Elejalde Workshop on Judgement Aggregation

Date: 14-16 December 2009

Venue: Casa Convalescència, Barcelona.

Sponsors: Move ( and Urrutia Elejalde Foundation

Directors: Salvador Barberà and Miguel A. Ballester (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Juan Carlos García Bermejo (Universitat Autònoma de Madrid)

Link to Information Docs and Program in pdf, to host in the website.


Presentation of the event

The aim of the workshop is to analyze the basic results and theories on Judgement Aggregation. The meeting constitutes an opportunity to discuss in detail the origins, the main contributions and the potential of this topic for economists.

The meeting is structured around general overviews on central topics in the Judgement Aggregation literature. As a whole, the meeting can be thought as a course on Judgement Aggregation for Social Choice researchers or Ph.D. students interested in close topics. Departing from a traditional meeting, talks will allow the speakers to present in detail the formal tools required for the exposition of their results, and also, a neat discussion of the key aspects within the proof of such results.

Casa de la convalescencia 

The Venue: Casa de la Convalescència (Barcelona)


The Urrutia Elejalde Foundation has organized, since 1999, a Winter Workshop to promote the advancement and development of Economic Science, as well as of its philosophical foundations and implications.

The Urrutia Elejalde Foundation and MOVE have recently signed a broad agreement of collaboration to develop common research projects and programmes, joint scientific meetings and dissemination activities to encourage the advancement of Economics in its connections with Philosophy. and the public awareness of new results and approaches.

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